Things to Remember When Organising a Hens Night

by datingleon

One of the most important tasks of the maid of honor is to organize a hen’s party – also known as a bachelorette party – for the bride to be. This occasion is basically a symbolic representation of the bride bidding her years of singlehood adieu. Of course, this should be a memorable social function for her, and as the maid of honor, it is your duty to make this event as memorable for her as you possibly can.

Of course, there are a few things to remember when organizing a hen’s night. Listed below are the following:

1.    Consider the personality of the bride to be. Is she reserved or conservative? Is she into spontaneity and exciting things? Learning all these aspects will help you narrow down the options when it comes to incorporating things that are necessary for a hen’s night.

2.    Think of a theme or a motif. This will help you determine the proper dress code, decorative trinkets, food to bring, and games to execute.

3.    Don’t forget about the guest list. The list should include those females who are included in the wedding entourage, the bride’s closest friends, and relatives. Also, decide if it is necessary to include children or not, and that if the theme is appropriate for underage guests. Of course, it is also necessary to consult with the bride first in regards to this.

4.    Look for the perfect bachelorette party venue. You may choose to celebrate this outdoors such as going to a pub or a restaurant. However, most hen parties these days are held indoors such as a rented hotel suite, an apartment, or some exclusive resort. The latter is highly ideal since it enables the guests to completely interact and unwind within an isolated and a more intimate atmosphere. You may also choose to celebrate outdoors first then transfer to a private venue afterwards.

5.    Tell your guests to bring gifts for the bride. These could be intimate apparel, things that she would need once she ties the knot, or even memoirs.

6.    Divide responsibilities among guests or those who would be playing a significant role on the wedding. As the organizer, it is impossible to shoulder everything on your own. Even if you can, it is still unfair. Discuss with the guests beforehand who would be taking care of the food, the venue rentals, the party favors, decorations, and the like. You may also appoint someone as ‘treasurer’ who would be responsible for holding on to the money until a list of expenditures is made.

7.    Prepare a list of activities or an hour by hour schedule that you ought to adhere to; that way, there would be no room for dead air and uneasiness amongst the guest. It is actually customary to play a couple of fun bachelorette games such as “How well do you know your husband-to-be” or “Pin-up hunk.” There are a lot of bridal shower games available online, so it should be easy for you to chance upon certain categories that the guests and the bride-to-be would definitely have fun with.

Happy planning and good luck!

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