Modern Weddings versus Traditional Weddings

by datingleon

What is more apt? Getting married in a traditional, religious manner or go for a non-denominational wedding ceremony?

A wedding is a one-shot occasion, wherein couples tie the knot and do not mind making their special day a memorable one. In the early days, weddings were normally performed the religious way with the minister, pastor, priest or any religious head leading over the service, where couples exchange vows by the book and rings in the church. Though this is still royally being practiced, some will still go for a non-religious wedding ceremony, which can be modified according to their wish.

The only difference between the tradition and modern wedding ceremony is that the priest or the religious head is absent. The rest of the ceremonies are the same and the best thing about the non-religious version is that you can personalize your own wedding, with no restrictions and limitations.

Differences, reasons and things to consider:

•    With religious ceremonies, there are procedures to be followed and you have to stick within the bounds of cultural traditions, while non-religious ceremonies let you plan your own wedding with no restrictions and limitations and can be done within your own time frame – where the marriage will take place, type of music, the attire, the exchange of vows, the solicitation of gifts and basically you can have it your own way.

•    With religious ceremonies, the wedding should always take place in a church, but with non-religious, the location of the wedding will naturally be outside the church – can be on a beach, a cliff, under a bridge or anywhere.

•    A religious head should always preside over the wedding ceremony in traditional weddings, while modern ceremony can be held by a justice of peace, a county clerk, or anyone who is licensed to conduct the ceremony. A close family member or a friend can also perform official duties for the ceremony.

•    Non-religious weddings let you set your own rules while religious weddings require you to follow traditional edicts.

•    In traditional weddings, religion is the heart of the wedding, while in modern weddings, it’s acceptable to not include any religious events, whether this is because they don’t prescribe to any particular religion; they have conflicting religious beliefs; or their families do not approve of a marriage against their value.

•    In a traditional wedding scenario, vows and readings are by the book/Bible. Instead of taking excerpts from the Bible, readings and vows in a non-religious wedding can be taken from any book. They can include poems, letters, lyrics of a certain song, or even include the best memories of each other and feelings from beginning to present. Also, they are able to say it individually, alternately or together.

•    Also, with non-religious weddings, couples are able to make it unique – one that stands out from the rest. They are able to play their own music and give their wedding a touch of who they really are. Say what they want to say for each other with no limits and let their guests say something about them as well. Couples are able to make it as memorable as possible. While with religious weddings, you have to stick to the procedure that most people had to go through in the early days.

•    Couples get to save more in modern weddings than in traditional weddings.

Basically, it may all depend with the upbringing, values, beliefs, etc. And frankly, money should be considered.

All in all, whatever kind of wedding couples go through or whatever kind of vows they exchange in the ceremony, it does not lessen their commitment in any way. Besides, the whole point is that their marriage is legal and that they’re together.

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