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Do you feel a tight sensation in your chest as your heart rate ramps up at the thought of a new adult toy? Whether you’re after a sleek bullet vibrator for incognito pleasure or a rumbly wand to take you to another plane of existence, there’s no denying that sex toys are arguably the best way (sometimes even better than actual sex) to explore our sexuality or spice up stale love life.

Deciding you want a new adult toy is an easy part; knowing where to order your items is the minefield. There are tons of possible adult toy online shops—some amazing and others littered with all sorts of privacy/security risks. As a consumer merely looking for a good time, scrolling through an overwhelming list of Google search results more-or-less defeats the purpose. So how do you differentiate the best adult toys online shops from sleazy and scam-ridden sites?

Here’s where we swoop in to ease your hassle: We’ve taken it upon ourselves to scour the internet and uncover some of the best sex toy sites for both regular users and curious newbies. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the market for minimalist, innovative, luxe design, these carefully curated online shops have what you need.

Read on to find out the best store for your unique needs. A whole world of transcending pleasure is only a few clicks away.

Adam and Eve

First up is Adam and Eve; a brand that’s ingeniously named after the first humans to explore sexuality according to religious teachings. They even have an apple (*forbidden?) as their brand logo to cap off the whole Adam and Eve analog.

And as you can guess, they offer adult toys for men, women, and couples – i.e., they’re a one-stop-shop for everything from BDSM kits, lingerie, lubes, and an assortment of toys. It’s worth noting that the Adam and Eve brand is inclusive and supportive of the LGBTQ community as evidence by their catalog dedicated to gay and lesbian clients.

The online retailer is widely recognized as one of the top reputable sites in the US and beyond. In fact, they brand themselves as the “leading sex toy company in the USA”—with a history that stretches as far as 1971. This long history and reliability make Adam and Eve a safe bet for the average couple looking for quality, mid-priced sex toys.

The website goes straight to the point with a rather traditional—yet effective design—that allows seamless navigation. You’ll also notice a recurring message throughout the site about how the online shop values your privacy by keeping your information secure and deliveries discreet.

For those of you who value a good saving, subscribing to the Adam and Eve newsletter gives you access to a generous 25% discount on 1 item—plus an additional gift (*sweet).

Visit Adam & Eve


Lelo—aka. the caviar of adult toys—is a Swedish company that’s synonymous with lush adult toys. It’s geared towards an unapologetically swanky audience that settles for nothing but the best. Most products by Lelo are undeniably classy, chic, and carefully thought-out.

In a way, Lelo has revolutionized the adult toys industry with some rather unique and head-turning items. This includes a one-of-a-kind hexagonal condom, a multiple-orgasm-inducing Sona toy (a must-try, trust us), remote-controlled vibes, and gender-neutral devices, to name a few.

The website features a modern and luxe aesthetic—characterized by high-res expressive images and captivating copy that seduces you into pulling out your credit card. Their minimalistic approach makes navigation a breeze – i.e., the online store does not contain unnecessary clutter.

As a cherry on top of the cake, Lelo is actively involved in ethical and eco-friendly practices that make them even more credible. Unsurprisingly, their trophy cabinet boasts of two XBIZ Europa Awards (2020) for “Luxury Brand of the Year” and “Excellence in Product Packaging.”

Visit Lelo


Discover the largest selection of sex toys in the US and bring fun to your sex life with exciting new ways to play.” This is how Lovehoney describes themselves and we’d be deluded to argue otherwise.

Everything about the brand feels naughty and cute at the same time—from their motto of facilitating “sexual happiness,” the brand name, to the heart-shaped logo. Similarly, the website has a gentle ambiance that contrasts with exciting items on sales. It has a modern design that’s easy to navigate—thanks to the well-thought-out categories and filters.

One of our favorite features of the Lovehoney adult toys online shop is the “Advice” corner. It contains a wealth of sex-related knowledge that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. This includes an active forum, a podcast, a blog, and expert advice on how to enhance pleasure and sexual happiness in your life.

You’ll also appreciate the fact that the online shop does not skimp on offers, discounts, and promotions. And in case you’re wondering, Lovehoney products come with a 1-year guarantee and a 30-day free returns policy for peace of mind.

Visit Lovehoney


This one is for the dudes who appreciate some good ol’ self-love! A Fleshlight is designed to a man’s companion and source of otherworldly pleasure – you know, the kind that makes your muscles stiff and sends shivers all over your body.

The company sells all kinds of unique sex toys for heterosexual and gay men alike. But what really sets them aside from the competition is their range of products that are molded from the actual physiology and curves of some of the most popular adult stars (both men and women). Their call to action is “Get Inside Your Favorite Stars”—and we don’t think that needs further explanation.

The website is quite graphic and it gets your blood pumping the minute your land on their homepage. You’re likely to be tempted into ordering a Fleshlight for a night of self-love in no time. And if you decide to order an item, free shipping is available for any purchase above $99.

Visit Fleshlight

Good Vibes

We tilt our hats to a brand that does exactly what they say on the tin. Good Vibes is one of the best adult toy shops around and they more than live up to their brand name. The US company claims to be on a mission of “creating a safe, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment.”

But unlike most adult toy manufacturers and retailers, Good Vibes is invested in more than driving sales. The brand is founded on a business model of connecting with consumers by sharing invaluable tips and facilitating sexual empowerment. They even have a sexologist, Dr. Carol Queen who shares her expert insight with users to promote sexual health.

Navigating the website is as easy as it gets. The categories are clear as day and it’s easy to pick out a specific item from the wide catalog of sex toys. PS: Makes sure to check out their “Movies” and “Books” sections on the website for some arousing videos (*you’ll thank us later).

Visit Good Vibes

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