Embrace Perfect Imperfection For Manifesting Your Dream Life. Part1

by datingleon

Do people ever tell you that your standards are too high? Do you find yourself frequently trying to work out how to be perfect, and refusing perfect imperfection into your life?

If so, it’s likely that you sometimes get in your own way when it comes to manifesting your Law of Attraction goals.

While it’s great to know your own worth and to aim high, it’s possible to inhibit your own success by focusing too much on making things perfect. But if you tend to think like this, what can you do about it?

We’ll look at how a person ever becomes a perfectionist, and we’ll show you how to identify the key signs that suggest you’re struggling with this issue in your own life.

From there, we’ll dig into why perfectionism blocks you from manifesting your dreams, and we’ll close with four powerful techniques that help you accept that no one is perfect.

The Meaning of Perfect Imperfection

Let’s start with the most important truth: no one is perfect. Imperfections are a fact of life, so trying to figure out how to be perfect is a fool’s errand.

Although we’re shown certain standards of beauty, productivity, and so on from a very early age, we can’t possibly meet these standards with any consistency.

This might initially make you feel bad about yourself, and give you a sense of being limited. However, you needn’t despair at our inane imperfection – it’s not a bad thing.

To understand the notion of perfect imperfection (i.e., why you are your best self partly because of your flaws), it’s helpful to look to the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi.

This concept is made up of two ideas – “Wabi” refers to aligning ourselves with the universe, and “Sabi” refers to the fact that nothing is permanent.

In conjunction, these two ideas are meant to encourage us to celebrate life’s essentially impermanent, perfect imperfection.

What Is Perfectionism?

Of course, in spite of the above, most of us feel some resistance to the idea that we can never be perfect.

Although no one is perfect, we may nevertheless become perfectionists.

A perfectionist devotes a lot of time and energy to trying to be as beautiful, successful, productive, smart, and emotionally fulfilled as possible.

If you feel like you think a lot about how to be perfect, then you may well be a perfectionist.

It’s likely that this causes you some distress, constantly leaving you feeling like you’re missing the mark.

But why is this such a common problem? Let’s now turn to consider what causes perfectionism.

Are We Raised to Be Perfect?

Perfectionism is seldom an active choice – it’s not common to deliberately try to work out how to be a perfectionist.

Instead, perfectionists often begin to obsess about perfection in their early lives, before they even have the resources to understand what’s happening.

This perfectionism in children often comes directly from parents, whether in the form of modeling or direct messaging.

In other words, your parents might verbally pressure you to be perfect, turning you into a child afraid to make mistakes.

Alternatively, they might not say anything about perfection but show you the disappointment, anger, and self-loathing they feel toward themselves when they’re anything less than perfect.

Why Is Perfection Bad For Manifesting?

So far, we’ve given you a sense of how perfectionism comes about and noted that it sets us up to feel bad about ourselves.

You might already be seeing how this fits into The Law Of Attraction work.

For one thing, if you have a negative self-image then you vibrate on a low frequency and it’s difficult to attract positive opportunities and good people into your life.

In addition, if you’re focused on a standard you’re not meeting, you’re focused on what you lack.

And lack attracts lack!

This means, if you want to manifest your dreams and goals, you need to learn how to stop being a perfectionist.

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