Celebrate Perfect Imperfection

by datingleon

First, try to make a habit of celebrating imperfection. What does this look like in practice?

Here, lessons from Japanese philosophy are useful once again. Consider the Japanese art of kintsugi, in which broken pottery is joined together with gold.

The broken parts of the pottery are thereby not hidden but rather highlighted.

The artists who started this tradition though that the break was a part of the pottery’s history, and that all of history is worth celebrating.

Try to think about what it would mean to apply this concept to yourself. Celebrating your imperfections involves resisting the urge to conceal them.

Let people see your authentic personality, with all your real traits and preferences (rather than trying to be a perfectly admirable idol).

Dress to express yourself and feel good, rather than to hide your body. And be proud of the history that got you to where you are today – even the parts where you made mistakes.

Practice Self-Care

Secondly, perfectionists try to cram productivity into every hour and often miss opportunities for self-care.

However, when we use self-care and make it part of our daily routines, we treat ourselves as though we are valuable.

This treatment filters into our subconscious and helps us to truly love ourselves.

In addition, self-care gives us recovery time after facing difficulties, helping us to be resilient.

You can decide for yourself what self-care should look like. The only rules are that it must involve healthy ways to feel relaxed and positive.

Some popular examples include reading fiction, spending time in nature, laughing, and treating your body to a bath or massage.

Accept Yourself More

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, overcoming perfectionism requires taking active steps to accept your true self.

This means doing the hard work of facing up to the sources of your self-doubt.

Through journaling, conversations with friends, or in therapy, try to dig down into where your perfectionism comes from. Who gave you these damaging messages? Why and how did you take them on?

Answering these questions is a crucial step in rejecting old, damaging beliefs and replacing them with affirming attitudes toward yourself.

In addition, remember that self-acceptance is a gradual process. Don’t be disheartened by days when you find it more difficult.

Boost Your Manifesting Power By Embracing Perfect Imperfection

Finally, having a manifestation tool kit puts you in an excellent position to overcome perfectionism for good.

One item in your toolkit is creative visualization – the process by which you build a detailed image of how you want to be.

Use this to restore your positivity and keep going when perfectionist ideals begin to make you feel low.

Another useful tool is positive affirmations – statements you say in order to support your manifestation journey.

You can design these to reject perfectionist beliefs and focus on celebrating your perfect imperfection.

Similarly, you might use a vision board to support loving yourself as you are, using motivational quotes and inspiring images.

Our manifestation programs help you to fulfill your potential, honing these skills, and more. With our support, you can attract the things you’ve always wanted.

Whether you dream of love, financial abundance, or an amazing job, you don’t need to be perfect to get what you want.

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