5 reasons why you should kiss your partner goodbye

by datingleon

Let me clarify the title of my post here, I’m not at all suggesting that you should kiss your spouse goodbye, as in get rid of them. Although, I’m thinking that some of you may have clicked this title to find out why you should tell your spouse good riddance.

Actually, what I am suggesting here is that you kiss your spouse as a way of saying, “goodbye”, before they walk out the door. My husband and I have been kissing, “goodbye” our entire marriage, and it has done wonderful things for our relationship. This is a principal that my mom and dad instilled in me while I was growing up. My parents have always kissed each other before leaving one another. Seeing as how they have been happily married for 40 plus years, I think taking their advice on this one is important. Here are the top five reasons you should kiss your spouse goodbye.

1. You never know what will happen

Of course, I’m going to start this out with the cliche’ reason…you just never know what will happen. It is the honest to goodness truth my friends. You do not know if this goodbye will be your last. I have a friend in the ministry that lost his wife to an aneurism this past year. They were at church together, and she suddenly fell ill in the middle of Sunday School. She was in critical condition by the time he got to her, and she did not wake up. I don’t share this to scare you about losing your spouse or loved ones, but it is important that you know it is a possibility.

2. Non-sexual physical connection is important

So many times in our marriages, we can forget that non-sexual physical connection is vital. If the only time you are touching your spouse is during those intimate moments, then you are missing something key in your marriage. Especially for a woman, there needs to be a time when she is able to physically express herself without it leading to intimate moments. Your relationship will be stronger when you make it a priority to be affectionate with one another outside of the bedroom.

3. Kissing is a great way to model a healthy relationships to others

Kissing your spouse goodbye is a perfect way to show those around you that you are happily married. This is especially important for your children to see. Believe me, they are seeing a great deal of sexual affection being displayed. It is really important that you show them what a healthy relationships look like. Even it if it a bit weird for you to kiss your spouse in front of your children, it really is a good idea for them to know you love each other. They are seeing plenty of people kissing, and often, those people are not committed to one another.

4. You will be happier

There are going to be times that you are mad with your spouse. When you make it a habit to always kiss each other before leaving, you will have to put those differences aside. At least for a few moments, your attitude toward your spouse is going to soften. This is a great way to keep yourself in check in your marriage. When you have physical affection being displayed toward each other every couple of hours, you will be happier in your marriage.

5. Just because you can

In all seriousness here, why wouldn’t you kiss the love of your life every single day? Remember when you were dating and all you could think about was the next time you could kiss them? You married that man or woman for a whole host of reasons, and one of those reasons was because you loved to kiss them.

 When you make it a priority to kiss each other goodbye, or goodnight, you won’t have a single day that passes where you haven’t connected physically. I know there will be days when you don’t have the time or energy to be together in an intimate way, but kissing takes little time and is very affective.

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