5 Reasons Why You Should Fall in Love With Someone Who Owns a Dog

by datingleon

When you find yourself looking for love again, you’ll realize that people don’t care about your feelings and they only care about themselves. To avoid disappointment, experts advise you to date someone who owns a dog. Here are the 5 reasons why you should date someone who owns a dog:

1. They’re more social and friendlier

Dogs are the friendliest animals that enjoy playing with other dogs and people. Walking and discovering the world is their favorite activity and their owners are a lot like them. Experts claim that dog owners are open for communication and friendship.

2. They’re more responsible

Dog owners are responsible and they’ll never forget your needs and feelings. They’re aware that their dogs need to be fed, walked, taken to the vet and cuddled. Putting other people’s needs before theirs is a quality that every dog owner owns.

3. They’re more caring

When you have a pet, you no longer think only about yourself and your needs. You need to be aware of your dog’s needs. Dog owners are really caring and aware of other people’s needs.

4. They’re loyal

Dogs are the most loyal pets and they transfer their loyalty to their owners. There’s nothing better than your dog greeting you after a hard, work day. Who doesn’t love cuddles after a hard day?

5. They’re amazing friends

Experts claim that the best partner is the one who can be your best friend. Most dog owners have experienced situations where they had to give their dogs love and support during hard times. Dog owners will always be there for you in your hardest moments.

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